Message From the President

Throughout my early childhood and teenage years, I struggled intellectually within traditional classroom settings. I vividly remember being labeled an “at risk” student by teachers and counselors. As you can imagine, the stigma of being labeled inadequate had a profound negative effect on my self perception and confidence. Thank God for the original TEAM THUMP which consists of family members, youth league organizations, mentors and teachers. As believers and followers of Jesus Christ, TEAM T.H.U.M.P has been given a “Divine Calling “to educate, motivate and uplift young students who carry the heavy burden of feeling challenged intellectually. It is our PURPOSE to empower every child by providing the proper resources and the support needed as they embark on life’s journey.

- Keith "Thump" Belton

Mission Statement


Team THUMP’s mission is to improve the lives of children and teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities through programs that build healthy mind, body and spirit for all.

Vision Statement


Strengthening communities through youth development (tutoring/mentoring), healthy living (diet/fitness), and social responsibility.

Business Philosophy


T.H.U.M.P works to nurture the potential of children and teens by improving the nation’s health and well-being through education. T.H.U.M.P will endeavor to promote/ advocate for equal rights for all children with intellectual and developmental disabilities by partnering with professional athletes, entertainers, and members of the Arts Education Community.